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Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics provide an effective advertising tool and can be an economical alternative to other methods of marketing your business.  Here are several reasons why you should consider vehicle graphics:

  • Reach a large audience just by driving to your jobs or appointments.

  • Your advertising dollars will go further than many other marketing methods.

  • Create buzz and generate positive opinions of your business.  Businesses with branded vehicles tend to give the impression of being more established and successful, making customers more comfortable when choosing your business.

  • Vehicles are portable, which means the advertising on them is not considered a “permanent sign”.  When your vehicle is parked at your location you benefit from additional signage that is highly visible and not in violation of sign ordinances.

The following materials are available for vehicle graphics.  These options allow us to offer solutions that will meet virtually any budget requirement.

Vinyl Lettering

The most economical choice for vehicle graphics. Your message can be applied in one or two colors and work best for text only messages or very simple graphics.

Economical Printed Vinyl Decals

This material offers an economical full color printed solution that can be applied to primarily flat surfaces.  This material can be contour cut and can cover a small or large surface area.  Life expectancy on flat surfaces is 3 - 5 years.

High Performance Printed Vinyl Decals

This material conforms to virtually any shape and can be placed in more complex areas on a vehicle.  This material can be contour cut and can cover a small or large surface area.  Life expectancy is 5 - 7 years.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs are a great option when you want to remove or change signage quickly and still look professional.

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